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Membership Packages

  • First Class Weekly

    £1.00GBP / 1 Weeks


    First Class access billed weekly

  • First Class Monthly

    £2.00GBP / 1 Months


    First Class access billed monthly

  • First Class Gold Card (Annual)

    £10.00GBP / 1 Years


    First Class subscription billed yearly

  • One Year (Debit or Credit Card)

    £10.50GBP / 1 Years


    Paypal Account NOT required but payment IS processed by Paypal or Stripe, depending on which you choose

  • Station Sponsorship (inc 1 Year First Class)

    £20.00GBP / 1 Years


    Have your choice of icon and link to your website displayed next to the station of your choice (subject to availability)